Barnsley Hospice

Weekly Lottery

Play the numbers game that really adds up


The Barnsley Hospice Weekly Lottery is a fun weekly event that could see you win up to £500, or possibly a fantastic £5,000 in our special weekly Rollover Draw. It’s also a great way to help us raise much-needed funds for the Hospice so we can continue support patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families.
Every week, 45p in each pound goes towards funding the expert care we provide; the rest goes on prizes and administration.

What you could win?

There’s a guaranteed weekly first prize of £500, second prize of £50 and five third prizes of £10. There’s also our separate Rollover Draw (included in the cost of the main draw) that starts at £100 and increases each week by £100 until it is won. If it reaches £5000, one lucky supporter is guaranteed to win it that week!

Next week's Rollover Prize will be: £1,800


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How to play?

Entering is easy. For just £1 a week, you’ll be given a unique game number that will remain the same for every week you play.
If you enter online, you can buy either one entry (@£4.34/month) or two entries (@£8.68/month) to be entered every week! And because it’s local, your chances are much greater than in a national lottery, where millions more people enter. If you would like to join please complete the online form.